To Grow is to Change

BirdsI am always taken aback by the sight of a small perfect feather lying on the ground. Yellow, red, blue, soft white and brilliant green. Nearly every day my parrots surprise me with a delightful gift. The moulted feathers cover the floor of my home as if a confetti parade has passed through. Coloured feathers of various shapes and hues litter the ground and dance with the slightest breeze.

What must it be like to have beauty in such excess and at such readiness that one can spread that beauty at the feet of admirers?

Moulting is a time of rejuvenation & growth for healthy parrots. Would that my own growth was as steady and yielded such consistent results. Sometimes a moulted feather reveals an imperfection, a jagged edge, or a bent shaft. I envy the birds who shed their baggage easily. Each old feather is replaced by a fresh new shaft filled with the plasma of life, colour, insulation and flight. If old attitudes, bad habits & outdated discriminations could only be shed so regularly in the human race. Imagine each old prejudice or remembered injustice being replace by new, fresh, promising energy.

Excess beauty that floats to the ground, a multitude of textures that tickle, brighten and protect. My parrots prove every day that growth involves discarding the old, replacing it with the new.

By Monika B. Jensen

Aviary Group
Phone: (905) 683-9953

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