The pressure placed on modern managers to produce top-notch results from their teams may be higher than ever. However – particularly since promotions are generally conferred based on job-specific expertise – many managers lack the interpersonal, communication and organizational skills to succeed as leaders.

High-performing teams are overwhelmingly more likely to be captained by a manager with strong coaching skills. Strong leadership reduces staff turnover, prompts employees to work harder and more productively, and fosters a happy and healthy workplace environment.

Aviary Group’s Workplace Coaching sessions can transform uncommunicative, skills-oriented supervisors and employees into role-models capable of galvanizing staff to work to their highest potential. Participants identify strategies to capitalize on the diverse strengths of their team members, which builds self-confidence, opens communication channels, and minimizes conflict. Coaching is about getting the best possible return on investment from your most valuable asset – your people. Let us transform your managers into leaders capable of energizing and revitalizing your entire workforce.

We often find ours needing someone to bounce ideas off, discuss plans and strategies or a problem and realize we have few choices of where to turn.

Would having someone like me, as a mentor, coach or advisor for two hours a month to meet face to face on-site or off-site, or by phone to talk about labour relations or human resource issues, talking about a new project, a new strategy or a problem employee would be helpful. It would be confidential.

If you were interested, please let me know, I would love to work with you.