Do you find yourself  frustrated with the amount of time that is required to obtain an investigation report for a formal complaint?  The Aviary Group prides itself on being able to complete workplace investigations in a timely and efficient manner.  Employees complaints are disruptive to the workplace.  Conducting a quick investigation minimizes the forming of camps and taking sides.  Maintaining confidentiality and professionalism is our focus.

Take advantage of our strong background in conflict resolution, mediation and workplace fairness/wellness assessments, and let us help settle existing harassment, bullying, personality conflicts, gossiping or discriminatory issues and train managers in workplace fairness.

Services Available

  • Workplace Harassment and Discrimination:
    • anti-bullying, violence and harassment prevention training
    • policy/procedure review & development
    • fact-finding workplace investigations
    • workplace restoration
    • workplace fairness assessments
    • workplace wellness assessments
  • Workplace Conflict Management:
    • on-site workplace coaching for employees
    • strategic conflict resolution development
    • workplace mediation
    • conflict resolution training for managers and/or employees