Why Mediation?

Conflict is, by nature, divisive and unproductive, and internal resolution can be tense, time-consuming and – frequently – ineffective. External mediation allows a neutral third party – trained in conflict resolution – to negotiate a fair settlement that meets the needs of all interested parties.

Professional mediation saves time and money, resolving disputes efficiently and equitably with an 80-85% success rate.

Aviary Group’s extensive mediation skills, resources and experiences allow us to facilitate reasonable and lasting agreements that are mutually agreed upon and incorporate the unique concerns and creative input of all participants. All information is treated confidentially and meetings are accessible and ‘safe’ spaces.

Let Aviary Group restore harmony to your workplace and train your organization in conflict prevention.

Services Available

  • Conflict / Dispute Mediation
  • Neutral Evaluations for potential sources of conflict
  • Workplace Fact Finding Investigations and Recommendations
  • Team Building and Restoration
  • Conflict Resolution Policy Development
  • Leadership Training