Influencers can significantly impact their colleagues by sharing their knowledge and recommendations regarding workplace activities. By becoming an influencer, you may see benefits for your profession and network, but achieving influencer status requires establishing yourself as a known authority or expert within your area of proficiency.

So what is an influencer? An influencer is a person who has a high level of acceptance or expertise within their workplace. They often obtain their following because they have substantial experience, success or expertise in a particular field. Influential people stand out by easily taking attention. They can convince others to agree with them and gain respect from others around them.

Others in the workplace may look to you for your opinions, knowledge and advice. Some organizations may establish partnerships with influencers, hoping their clients will be influenced to purchase the companies’ services or products.

An influencer does not necessarily need to be known on a large scale.

There are many types of influencers, but this article will focus on how to be an influencer at work.

To be an influencer at work, you need to:
• Let Others Speak but Have an Opinion Yourself
• Check Your Intentions
• Show Tack and Be Consistent
• Make Others Feel Included
• Encourage Contributions, Provide Recognition and Engage Your Audience
• Constantly Build Relationships and Your Network

Influential people stand out by quickly capturing attention. They can sway others to side with them and gain respect from others.

Some strategies for gaining power and influence is to build those connections. Listen first before you have an opinion to share will make others feel heard and acknowledged. Check your body language and tone to ensure you are projecting what you intend to show. Be consistent in your manner. Make yourself essential in meeting organizational goals by being trustworthy and reliable. Be assertive, not forceful and always be open to other ideas from your employees. Be true to who you are. Be authentic, transparent, and open with your colleagues. Employees appreciate some vulnerability and genuineness in others. Be flexible and always follow through on what you say you will do. Actions speak louder than words. Do not just express your opinions; follow through.

To be that leader in the workplace with followers and that respect, you need to provide opportunities for wins. Always believe in your employees. The saying, “serve others before you serve yourself,” dramatically impacts how others see you. By giving trust, you can earn that trust back. Think more significant for others, even bigger than they think of themselves. Truly connect with people and invest in the success of others.

Ways that you can be persuasive and influence others in the workplace by getting people to accept change, which is a challenge on its own, by changing the individual’s behaviour or actions. Getting that specific project approved and getting an idea or recommendation accepted. Convincing someone to see things your way and finally reaching an agreement.

What is an influencer at work, and why is it important? On any workplace team, you need a certain amount of influence. Often it is people who are leaders that have the most impact. They are the ones that affect employee behaviour.

Some of the benefits of being an influencer at work are:
• They are seen and get recognition either in promotions or rewards. Employees with influence stand out in a group.
• Their capability to work with a team improves. Leaders with influence assist others in the group to feel that they fit in. When everyone feels included, they work better together and are happier.
• Stronger relationships are developed with colleagues and supervisors. Influential leaders have more respect at work. This makes forming and maintaining relationships easier.

Part of influencing others is being willing to be there for them. Look for opportunities to do favours for your colleagues. Being generous when someone requests your viewpoint, words of reassurance, or looking for direction. Connect employees to resources, groups, or leaders within the organization so that they might be able to assist them.

As an influencer, you should not close yourself off to criticism or take things too personally. Always be available. The more interactions with colleagues you have at work, the greater your range of influence will be.

Stay focused. Put down the phone and turn away from the computer screen. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Be the influencer you want to see in others.