Twenty-five years ago, founder Monika B. Jensen marvelled at the beautiful way her 12 parrots shed their colourful plumage to rejuvenate, discarding imperfections in order to grow and settle their difference in unique ways. Inspired by their grace, the Aviary Group has given organizations wings since 1996, guiding our clients through their own transformations.

We offer a range of services, including HR on demand such as performance management reviews, wellness workplace assessments, policy reviews and development, dealing with unprofessional behaviour in the workplace, mediation and conflict resolution, fact-finding workplace investigations, customized on-site training, and one on one executive coaching. Our goal is to maximize organizations’ resources: their people.

Our wide range of subject matter expertise may not be available or necessary within most organizations and we are more than happy to share our resources. Offering practical, comprehensive and personalized coaching/mentoring and training, we provide the knowledge and tools vital to creating a successful and harmonious workplace. We work with a team of consultants with various expertise including a Human Resources lawyer, compliance consultants and trainers.

With over 35 years of experience in the public and private sectors, our commitment to understanding and facilitating both organizational and individual change is foremost. Whether building a diverse workforce, crafting conflict resolution policy, or providing hands-on, real-time training, the Aviary Group is committed to understanding and facilitating both corporate and individual growth. Our client-oriented, quality consulting allows us to provide the practical and results-driven tools needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing workplace.

Personal Profile: A positive, realistic coach, trainer, facilitator, workplace investigator and mediator with over 25 years of people experience in all aspects of human resource management.

Our Business Profile: Combining positive attitude, superior communication skills and talent for creativity, while seeking the whole picture and maintaining focus on the needs of the individual.

Our Vision: The future holds exciting opportunities for all that choose to open their minds to the possibilities. No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that!

Our Mission: To assist others in achieving their greatest potential. If it is possible in the world, you can achieve it!