What Does Success Look Like

I had two goals set for myself. The first was that I wanted to complete my PhD and the second was to write a book. As life has it before I was able to complete my PhD, I had the opportunity to work with Steven Covey and co-author a book on “Success Simplified”. I chose the last chapter so my final words would be the final thoughts with the reader. The book was published and available on my website. I received the diploma for my PhD in July 2012, and it was framed and hung within 45 minutes. The next book will be written from my research paper.

So having the opportunity to write a book entitled “Success Simplified” started me thinking about what it means to be successful. Being successful at work comes from making a positive impact. The results are more promotions, incentives, meeting goals, and better pay and benefits. People all enjoy working with someone they trust and can rely on. For this reason, you must always follow through with what you say.

So being successful means you are confident. How should you express your confidence? It is important to be confident while working simply because it allows this trend to continue. Some tasks at hand are not apparent, as a result; positive schemes reveal how work colleagues feel about one another and increase worker contributions. Expressing confidence means taking credit for your work and finding ways to develop a positive attitude. This changes between different workplaces. If, success is recorded and revealed in public to the competent workers they can take the example of other workers. Eventually delivering messages about performance levels becomes communicable. For this reason, stress and frustrations can be lessened. This is relevant today when initiating new ways of operation or helping colleagues to be prepared ahead of time such as meeting deadlines.

How to get recognized for your work? Everyone wants to be a part of the main event or attraction; therefore different measures will help to achieve popularity. However, gaining recognition still reflects the hard work. This means that the emphasis will either be put on various aspects of operations or authoritative figures. Ideally recognition can last longer if you maintain the middle ground between success and failure. This can start by making various achievements known. The focus is on continuous delivery and execution. Eventually the success becomes clearer and identifying who needs this information and how it is communicated helps workers from all different organizations. The purpose is not meant only to focus on the top of the work hierarchy. Gathering this information should be implemented using appropriate work ethics and directing information to the public. This will put success back into old job titles or their labels.

So remember “Success is not to be measured by the position someone has realized in life, but the obstacles they have overcome while trying to succeed.”


“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” George W. Crane
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