The Secret to Optimistic Proactive Thinking and Getting it Permanently

Optimists search for the light at the end the tunnel. If you have always had a cynical and gloomy worldview, it can be less easy to change your focus, but it is possible to begin seeing the glass as half-full, not half empty. Feelings of appreciation for what you have will make the process flow easier because you are being thankful for the things that you have. This will allow you to put yourself in a position to accept new ideas and thoughts in your life. By being in this state, you will create a center of attention which is more positive for you.

While being skeptical can be a healthy way to avoid being taken advantage of, being cynical and distrustful, assuming the worst, can have serious negative consequences on your life. By looking only at the less tangible aspects of any situation may cause you to fail to detect opportunities, disregard problems that need to be resolved, and fail to take action that would otherwise enhance your relationships and quality of life.

The secret to positive thinking is the feelings connected with being appreciative. It is not the words you use but the feelings behind those words and thoughts. You should be thankful for almost ‘anything’. Focus on something that brings you contentment and permit yourself a good emotion of absolute gratitude. The next time you are eating a tasty meal, take pleasure in it and flow in that positive feeling of thankfulness.
What is intriguing is if I ask you now, not to think about a blue tree, especially not a blue tree with a monkey sitting on top with a yellow hat. What are you thinking about? Remember you were asked not to think about a blue tree. That is exactly what you are thinking about. Right?

So instead I would like you think about a green tree with pretty pink flowers. Now what are you thinking about? It takes just as much oomph to think about the blue tree then a green tree. By spending all your time thinking about what you genuinely want you get more of it. We all complain about not having enough time so spend it to see what we actually want.
You have been told many times “just ask” and you will be surprised by what you get.” You also have been told, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.” So ask for what you actually want. You can look at something and say, “That is mine, and I want it now.” In asking, you begin the first step towards getting what you want. The key is to be very clear on what it is you are asking for. It is a good plan to be just as specific on what you do not want and waste no time on it. We have to know what we do not want to be able let it go. Always check whether you are thinking about what you do not want in order to recognize you should focus on your desires. Spend your valuable time focusing, dreaming, and asking for those things you really want and desire not what you want to avoid.

When we buy something on the Internet or from a catalogue, we know it is on its way when we see the email confirming the order was processed and has been posted. You know you will be receiving it shortly. In the same way, the asking process is like placing your order and knowing it is on its way to you. When we start to question the service delivery we want to assure ourselves that it will arrive as it has many times before. Thinking about the delays or short falls only puts your energy back to the “not want” and you focus on the failures which will create more for you rather than the achievable. You want to pay close attention to always looking for what you desire and consciously stopping any thoughts that will cause it not to happen. Remember it is around the corner to coming to you. I am always amazed that it works and it is that simple.

A few easy steps: Focus clearly on what you would relish, disregard the things you do not desire and Imagine that it is already now part of your life and will remain. Sit back, relax and it will happen. We need to realize that it could occur within a few moments or maybe years from now. Do you remember wishing and praying for something as a child and being surprised several years later when you came across those places or things you wished for so hard. Remember whatever you create today for yourself will be part of your life forever. It is not better than to wish for extraordinary things only.

Whenever, I see my clients I always ask them what do they want. I often come back with a list of what they don’t want. Again I ask what they want and again they add to their not want list. If you find yourself doing this, take some time to sit down and on one side of a paper write down what you do not want. It’s always easier to do it this way. Then across the page opposite the negative statement write the opposite more positive desire. Now take the paper, tear it in half keeping only the positive affirmations. Next time those negative thoughts start to creep in pull out your page and read it aloud, if it is safe, those encouraging words that express what you want to achieve.

In today’s fast paced world it is easy to get discouraged and feel defeated. Knowing that it is happening to others but that you know how to stop it puts you in a better position to be successful. You have read and heard about people who are always positive and successful. Those are the people you 100% focus on as they know want they want. This is not only positive thinking but also putting your wants into thoughts.

Tips for a Positive Attitude – Permanently
• Focus on what you are thinking about.
• Stop letting other people’s negative attitudes influence yours.
• Make a list of all the areas in your life that you want to change.
• Take time to write strong, life-giving, positive affirmation statements and read them aloud daily.

Using this approach will allow you to change how you think and that is the perfect solution to shifting how you live. Remember, your body will follow anywhere your mind takes it with its thoughts. It is not easy to separate the two, so we might as well “program in” what we crave, desire and need rather than unintentionally leaving it to chance.

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